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Public Works


The Public Works Department maintains town-owned roads in Bethany, along with a number of municipal parks and facilities.  The department also runs the Bethany Recycling Center.  A private contractor hired directly by the town, Residential Waste Systems (R.W.S.) handles curbside household trash pickup.



Frequently Asked Questions

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When is regular curbside trash pickup?

Which holidays change the curbside trash schedule?

  • Residential Waste Systems (RWS) will push back collections one day if closed for a major holiday.
  • RWS Holiday Schedule

What hours is the recycling center open?

  • Tuesday-Saturday: 7:30 AM -3:00 PM
  • Please note:  A resident sticker is required in order to use the recycling facility.  Stickers are provided at no cost to residents and are sent with the Motor Vehicle tax bills in July.  Stickers are also available at the Town Hall in the Tax Office.

What recycling materials are accepted?

What do I do with bulky waste?

  • Bulky Waste (furniture, carpeting, and other large non-recyclable, non-hazardous items) is available on Saturdays at the recycling center BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. To make arrangements, contact: Public Works 203-393-1555
  • Leave your name, address, phone number, volume and type of bulky waste and someone from the office will contact you to confirm your requested date or provide an alternate date if your requested date is no longer available.
  • To Drop off Mattresses, please read: Mattress Recycling Program
  •  NOTE TO CONTRACTORS: Waste from large remodeling projects (roofing shingles, etc.) may not be brought to the recycling center. You must get your own dumpster.

Is there a bulky waste pickup service?

  • The town trash contractor, RWS, also offers a fee-based service for curbside bulky waste pickup. 
  • Click here for more information: Bulky Waste Pickup

What do I do with hazardous waste?

  • Hazardous waste (paints, solvents, chemicals) may be disposed of at HazWaste Central at the Regional Water Authority on Long Wharf in New Haven. 
  • Click the link for current information and seasonal schedule: HazWaste Information

What do i do about pot holes, fallen trees or dead animals on my road?

  • Contact Public Works Department at: 755 Amity Rd Bethany, CT 06524 Phone: 475-238-6966
  • Or First Selectman's Office at: 40 Peck Rd Bethany, CT 06524 Phone: 203-393-2100 x 1100