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About Our Town

Town Seal

Our Town Seal

Bethany’s town seal was designed in 1988 by the late, long-time Bethany resident, Betsy Anne Seaton, a retired art teacher.  It is a perfect circle within which appears another circle. The inner circle is a circle of rope.  In the upper aspects of the seal appear the words TOWN OF BETHANY CONNECTICUT in two curved lines of print bordering the inner aspect of the rope circle.  On the bottom of the seal also bordering the inner aspect of the rope circle appear the words INCORPORATED 1832.  These words form the top and bottom edges of a third inner circle the sides of which are made of a string of inverted oak leaves on each side.  A roadway bisecting the seal and extending from bottom to center is pictured within the third inner most circle.  Surrounded by trees are Christ Episcopal Church pictured on the right, and First Church of Christ Congregational and the carriage shed on the left.

About Bethany

The beautiful town of Bethany in south central Connecticut covers 21.4 square miles and is home to approximately 5,300 residents.  Bethany was first settled in 1717 but it was not until May 1832 before it was separated from Woodbridge to become incorporated as a town.  This slightly remote, sparsely populated, residential town retains its rural character.  Bethany is the least densely populated town in New Haven County and one of only three still considered rural.  There is some agriculture and small business, but it is primarily a bedroom community.  The town is dotted with wooded areas, streams and over 6,000 acres of open space. Bethany in Fall


Midway between New Haven and Waterbury on Routes 63 and 69.


Rural, mostly residential and wooded with some agriculture and light industry.  There are no municipal water or sewer services.  Bethany Community School, grades K through 6 located at 44 Peck Road is the elementary School for approximately 400 students.  Regional District #5, Amity Middle School is on Luke Hill Road in Bethany, and Amity High School is located in neighboring Woodbridge.

Form of Government

Bethany is governed by a Board of Selectmen, Town Meeting, Board of Finance form of government. Elections are held biennially in odd years on the second Tuesday in November. The Annual Town Meeting is held the third Monday in May at which the annual budget is approved.  Special Town Meetings are held as needed.